A former sergeant at Air Force Headquarters named Joseph Villaseno was ki lled in a car accident. Due to his military experience, his remains were buried at Garden Park Cem etery in Texas, USA. Joseph’s parents and wife were devastated by the trage dy.

Sudden d eath changed his life drastically. Even though they are old, their parents are obliged to regularly visit their child’s grave. They left with fresh flowers and renewed memories of their late son.

When the weather got very cold, they couldn’t visit the ceme tery for a while. But after the weather got warmer, the parents headed straight for the funeral. Luckily, they reached the grave and couldn’t believe their eyes. The ground around the cem etery had darkened, the grass had di ed in winter, but to his surprise there was still green grass in his son’s grave.

Jake walked over to her, hoping he could comfort her. After a long conversation with him, Jake noticed that the woman was crying at her husband’s grave and how much he missed her. The two of them can comfort each other. When he got home, Jake wanted to do something to help the crushed woman. Jake then decided that if he watered his wife’s grave, he would also water the graves of the husband and wife, which was the least he could do for this grieving family.

Jake then explained to Joseph’s parents what he always did to keep the grass around Joseph’s grave green. She told them that she actually spoke with their daughter a few months ago. Jake said there was little he could do to help someone who had served his own country.

She also told them that in her daughter, husband Benjamin, she had also lost one of the soldiers. She felt that pouring out Joseph’s grave would also honor the memory of her daughter’s husband. Joseph’s parents didn’t think anyone would go this far just to comfort them.

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