Optical illusions are not just fun tricks and games but are actually tools that are good for your brain health. The use of patterns, colors, lights, and shapes can deceive our eyes and minds to see things differently than they truly are. How cool is that?

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The Power Of Illusions On The Brain
Illusions make our brains work a little harder, having more benefits on the brain than crosswords, word searches, and other mental exercises. They can also expose things from our subconscious brains that we don’t even notice are there.

These images can give us insight into our true personalities and views of life that are hidden somewhere within us. The key is to follow our instincts to unlock the patterns hidden deeply in our subconscious. This is how we expand our minds and unravel the layers of our true selves.

The Illusion
This specific optical illusion has gone viral on TikTok, having viewers obsessed with what it says about them. More interestingly, the characters in this image reveal your hidden values on love. TikToker @itsme.fuzz, notorious for posting a series of illusions that act like personality quizzes, has created the buzz with this one photo.

With the caption on the video being, “What you see first says about you,” social media users have been raving about what it reveals. So, no cheating! What do YOU see first?

Did You See The Dog First?
One of two images displayed within the optical illusion is a dog’s head with long and floppy ears. If this is the image that your eyes first recognized, then it turns out that you may crave and value friendship over romantic love.

This symbol means that you are a reliable and helpful friend that your pals can always count on. If it’s for gossiping, venting, or keeping secrets – you are the go-to friend that sticks through thick and thin.

Casual Over Serious
The TikTok creator believes that if you’ve seen this creature: Instead of prioritizing monogamous or sexual relationships, you might be a person who enjoys or seeks out platonic and fun friendships instead.

Your life is filled with summer flings, and you might dabble in multiple friend groups. You like casual relationships over serious romances. You might be the friend that’s always single and loves a fun night out – but no matter the status of your love life, you’ll never abandon your friends.

Or The Cats?
The second and more popular image hidden within the illusion is a portrayal of two cats sitting side by side. For people who see this image first, their love language probably lies on the more romantic and familial side.

You’re probably a hopeless romantic – date nights, passion, and commitment are your top priorities. From a young age, you might’ve dreamt of a big, white wedding and a prince charming.

Hopelessly Devoted
You most likely have long-lasting, intense relationships and find yourself spending more time with your significant other than your best friends. Or, you might be really close with your family and feel strongly about blood relations and family traditions.

Love always on the brain, you are a devoted and serious lover, sister, mother, or cousin. All in all, you are emotional, sensitive, and feel deeply for the people you surround yourself with.

How Much Of This Is True?
Hundreds of thousands of people have watched this TikTok video and interacted with the content. Most users believe that what they see is 100% accurate to how they feel. One laughable comment believes that people who can see both images instead of one “are just overachievers who need to take a moment to relax.”

While we can’t say that there is scientific evidence that proves whether or not this optical illusion can read your mind, it’s still a fun way to think about yourself. The image summarizes different types of relationships and helps you understand what and who makes you the happiest. Do you identify with the symbol you discovered?

The Power Of The Brain
A human subconscious mind is an interesting place where people hold secrets, even from themselves. Through practices like therapy, journaling, and meditation, we can uncover hidden thoughts and bring them to the surface. However, there are other ways we can learn and identify parts of ourselves – such as optical illusions.

Optical Illusions and other mind games are a social media phenomenon – making users from all around the globe go crazy about how their brain functions.

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