Parkinson’s can be tough on more than just the individual suffering from it. The disease can be tough on the entire family. That is something Sharon Osbourne learned following the diagnosis of her husband, rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

“When I look at my husband, my heart breaks for him,” Sharon said, via Fox News. “Suddenly, your life just stops — life as you knew it.”

Ozzy, 73, revealed he has Parkinson’s in 2020. As we have relayed, he’s also suffering from major back issues — which have required surgery and can make sleeping and walking a struggle.

Ozzy Osbourne Is Determined to Tour Again After Parkinson’s Diagnosis

“It got so bad that at one point I thought, ‘Oh God, please don’t let me wake up tomorrow morning.’ Because it was f**king agony,” he said recently.

The Prince of Darkness and the first face of Black Sabbath has been married to Sharon Osbourn for 40 years. So clearly, any pain he experiences is shared by his wife. Ozzy was initially diagnosed in 2003 but has endured several health problems since he was recently diagnosed with COVID-19. He also suffered a deadly staph infection back in 2018, pneumonia, and debilitating several mobilities injured he suffered during a fall in his home in 2013. This resulted in several neck and back surgeries.

“I’m sad for myself to see him in that way, but what he goes through is worse,” Sharon said, via Fox News. “And sometimes when I look at him, and he doesn’t know I’m looking at him, I’m like crying.”

Despite all of this, Ozzy Osbourne is contemplating the idea of another tour, with his 13th studio album, Patient Number 9 out now.

“It’s where I belong,” he told People. “The relationship I have with my audience is the biggest love affair of my life.”

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