And then there was one. The last 24 hours left me with one little survivor. She’s doing pretty good right now, but that can change in a second so I’m keeping an intensely close eye on her. I named her Fern Leaf. There’s no significant meaning to that, just the name of a road I saw on my way to drop off the Shakespeare kittens for their neuter surgeries this morning. Thought it sounded pretty. She’s got her snuggle puppy, which has a heartbeat in it so she doesn’t feel like she’s

Update on baby Fern! It’s a pretty good one! She weighs 138 grams and she’s around 1 week old now. She’s still refusing the miracle nipple, so I’ve been tube feeding her. She’ll get the hang of it eventually! She’s the sweetest little baby. She comes to work with me in the morning, but spends most of her day napping next to her snuggle puppy in the incubator. I adore her♥️

Look who decided to latch!!! No more tube feeding for this little fighter! Fern is doing wonderfully and she’s turning into such a chub

Look who opened her eyes! And her umbilical cord *finally* fell off this morning too. It’s been an exciting day for Fern!

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