Brisbane Broncos player Julia Robinson has shared her disappointment at being body-shamed for her appearance at the Dally M Awards in September. She noted the incident demonstrates how important it is to discuss the impact of trolling on mental health.

And insisted that women with athletic physiques should instead be praised for their dedication to health and fitness.

“It’s sad to know that it’s still happening in today’s society, where strong women have to be criticized, and some people find it horrible to see a girl with muscles.”

The Three-time NRLW premiership player vowed not to cave to the haters but added in an interview with NCA NewsWire that it “hurts because I feel like I’m a nice person, and I know that I’d never say anything bad to someone else. It hurts because no one likes to be called names or called mean things.”

The 24-Year-Old, pictured with partner Steve Close had shown off her athletic physique in this yellow gown which featured strappy cut-outs at rugby league’s night of nights.

But received online taunts after sharing a photo on Instagram.

Julia concluded her interview by stating, “You can’t just go trolling people on social media because you don’t know what’s going on in their lives.” She also declared: “I’m proud of myself and I’m never going to change for anyone” This comes as she had previously hit at Keyboard warriors in August after receiving abuse for her ripped physique.

Her response to Keyword warriors was below a screenshot of some of the worst comments she’d received. Julia, at the time, wrote on her Instagram Story: “I never usually read social media comments or let them affect me; however, I just wanted to say that no one should be ashamed or self-conscious to have muscles. It shows dedication and hard work. I love my muscles.”

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