Being fat is almost widespread in today’s society. And this isn’t because people have turned into gluttons, but because most people have it coded into their DNA. Likewise, thanks to the unlimited supply of processed foods, a few people go from adding a few pounds to being overweight. You’ll agree losing weight is challenging, and it’s even harder for women than men due to metabolic and hormonal differences. However, weight loss heroes have proven that a bit of inspiration goes a long way.

Once you are in a routine and begin noticing the changes, things will definitely become a whole lot easier than expected. Notably, a healthy food diet, plenty of exercise, including a vast amount of willpower and discipline, can make a big difference in your appearance, completely turning you into a different person. With the right approach and mindset, these before vs. after photos of people [compiled below] are those who considered the health benefits of weight loss and instantly dived into the process. They’re guaranteed to inspire you, so scroll through!

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