It’s has been established that women feel dissatisfied with their bodies than men do. A massive contributor to this is SOCIAL MEDIA. Most influencers, including celebrities, often share filtered photos of themselves, and with different photo-enhancing apps emerging, it isn’t stopping anytime soon. But as a result, most people, particularly women, now feel insecure and uncomfortable with who they are and how they appear.

Social media has been making some women feel insecure and uncomfortable about themselves.

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The use of Instagram and TikTok is making women feel severely self-conscious about themselves. Numerous studies have proved that social media usage does contribute heavily to women’s self-esteem. Thankfully, some people on the same social media are looking to combat this issue. Some women online are beginning to speak out and stand up for others, challenging unrealistic beauty standards.

But thankfully, many are standing up and challenging unrealistic beauty stands and new forms of filters.

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In particular, many are bearing it all online and going entirely natural to prove that it’s okay to look the way you do. One among the many voices is Joanna Kenny. The 31-Year-Old has been using Instagram to share close-up photos of her upper lip hair in all its glory alongside inspiring captions. The British Esthetician also shares videos that promote the debunking of the filter society.

One among the voices is Joanna Kenny. She has been reminding her audience that facial hair is NORMAL.

The 31-Year-Old has even repeatedly insisted that filtered skin is not a skin type.

Joanna is the creator of the movement #poresnotflaws and very much keen on being her natural self. “What’s becoming more frequent is people’s desire to achieve the same poreless skin as their social media filter. This warped perspective of what skin should look like creates unobtainable skincare goals, and any real progress is overlooked.” Joanna had told Bright Side.

Society’s policing of female body hair is utterly questioned by Joanna. She believes it has to STOP.

Also, she promotes the debunking of the filter world, where everything appears perfect and ideal.

She has since gone viral for sharing her natural mustache with the world. She captioned the photo: “Me highlighting my mustache hair is not me say, Hey, you SHOULD find this attractive. Instead, it is serving as a reminder that they don’t HAVE to remove their facial hair to be seen as feminine.” It turned out that her husband loves her facial hair and all.

The latest photo, which has since gone viral, saw Joanna flaunting her mustache hair.

In one of her Instagram posts, the influencer highlighted that every woman goes through different things and shouldn’t judge others because we don’t like their looks. Joanna wrote: “There are people who have a hormonal imbalance or have to take medication that makes their grow excessively. And right now, they can’t keep up with the societal pressure to remove or bleach every single to fit in.”

“Choosing not to remove my facial hair doesn’t make me or any other woman ugly.” Joanna insisted.

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