Why do you need a test with a selection of images?

Determining your psychic characteristics and psychological state is much more interesting, by choosing different images in the testing process, than answering boring questions.

Most of these tests for choosing an image or expressing an association with it are based on the principles of the Lüscher test. That is, based on your opinion, feelings, you make a choice.

Decoding of colors and tones will give a description of your psycho type and your inherent characteristics, etc.

The following test offers a selection of 4 images, consisting of a combination of different colors and elements. The choice must be made based on internal sensations.
In fact, you just have to ask yourself which image you liked the most and you choose it.

The answer will be the decoding of the image.

Your personality is…

1.- Bold
This image is chosen by strong and purposeful personalities. Such people can plunge into work, however, they do not forget about their loved ones.

Due to your zeal and high standards that you set not only for others but also for yourself, many find it difficult to communicate with you and seek consensus.

2.- Positive
This emblem is chosen by quite positive people. People like you try to see the positive in everything.

In addition, you are an honest, responsible person and easily find a common language with others. Wit and fun are no strangers to you. In a word, you are the life of the party.

Choosing the third image of the test suggests that you are an introverted person. You value your time very much, so every decision you make is deeply thought out and balanced.
Thinking is one of your favorite things to do. You are always strongly defending your beliefs, even if the majority disagrees with you.

4.- Emotional
This choice of image is usually made by emotional and creative personalities.

You are very vulnerable and require respect from others. Due to the fact that you often rely on your own intuition and spiritual impulses, you are often misunderstood and considered not quite normal.

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