Chloe Campbell is back with her family after disappearing following a high school football game, authorities announced Monday.

The 14-year-old, who is from Boulder, Colorado, was found at a home in Thornton — a city that is roughly 30 minutes away — the Boulder Police Department said in a statement via its website.

“While investigators continue to believe that Chloe ran away, there is an ongoing investigation about where she was and what occurred while she was separated from her family. Some details are being withheld at this time to allow for a thorough investigation,” police said.

Deputy Chief Stephen Redfearn added in a news briefing on Monday evening that specific details can not be provided due to Chloe’s age and that she was considered a runaway.

A nationwide search sparked after her father filed a missing person’s report on Oct. 1, Redfearn said. He explained that an Amber Alert was not issued because “Boulder Police had no evidence to suggest that an abduction had occurred.”

They planned to issue a missing and endangered person alert if Chloe had not been found Monday.

“There are indications that considerable steps were being taken by Chloe to avoid contact from law enforcement as well as her family,” Redfearn added. “We, however, had indications that she was alive throughout the week. Police are relieved that she has been located.”

He shared that she was found after authorities followed several leads and refused to “rest easy” until they had direct communication with her.

“We have no belief at this time that she was held against her will,” he later said, noting that she did not have any “readily noticeable injuries” when she was located.

Redfearn said authorities were led to Chloe due to local police’s collaboration with the FBI and new information they discovered.

She is now undergoing a medical evaluation and is with her parents.

When Chloe didn’t return home after the high school football game, her parents Jessica and David began posting flyers around town.

The couple told CBS News Colorado that they received a photo of Chloe through an anonymous source.

“She looked injured and unwell,” her father told the station.

The parents feared their daughter may have been trafficked or is being held against her will. Her mother had a message for her daughter: “Chloe, honey, we love you so much. You are not in trouble,” Jessica said. “If you can come home, please do; and if you can’t, we will not stop until we find you.”

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