When should a woman give up on her dream of becoming a mother? After all the gift of life is the most mesmerizing phenomenon that a woman could experience, so is it fair to ever ask to give on it? Some say that when a woman reaches a certain age she should no longer have children even if her body allows as it could not only have complications but put the child at risk when it has outlive its parents at a young age.

No matter your stance, a couple in India have broken have defied all age-related odds, and had a healthy baby in their 70s. This is their story.

The Dream Of MotherHood
The couple had been married for 47 years and from the beginning dreamed of having a child. Sadly despite their attempts, they never bore one. However, they never lost hope. They figured that if they were patient the universe would eventually reward them. Perhaps it was a question of timing but they wouldn’t give up.

The couple considered adoption but wouldn’t settle as their wish was to have their blood child. Daljinder Kaur’s dream in life was to hold her own baby, kiss its forehead and feel like she had created a life. Without this dream becoming reality, her life felt meaningless. She explains: “I used to feel empty. There was so much loneliness…I had lost hope of becoming a mother ever.”

Doctors Rejected Them, Saying They Were Too Old To Conceive

When the couple realized that nature wasn’t taking its course they decided to look for fertility treatments that could perhaps give them the push they needed. However, it wasn’t easy to convince doctors to give a woman of her age the treatment. The couple’s perseverance finally convinced a doctor to agree to a round of IVF. After all the doctors did agree that her body was technically healthy enough to carry her desired child.

Just three rounds and two years were enough for Daljinder to get pregnant. However, this process would still have a cost. The modest couple had to cash out a million Rupees, which is equivalent to over 12,000 dollars. But Daljinder’s wish to be a mother was priceless and she explains: “money does not matter to me. I wanted my own child at any cost.”

Then A Miracle Happened

Even when all the odds seemed stacked up against them, and having a baby seemed borderline impossible, a miracle happened. Thankfully the couple’s efforts and finances weren’t in vain and they gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

At the time of birth, Daljinder Kaur was 72, and her husband was one year shy of his 80s. The possibility of him seeing his child graduate high school is slim, yet he seems overjoyed to at least be available for the beginning of his son’s life. The mother’s old age makes her one of the world’s oldest first mothers, but to her, the age is just not a number and the delay of her baby is simply a testament to her patience and the spark of motherhood that was always ignited. She adds: “Today I am a mother…we couldn’t thank our doctor for blessing us with a baby boy.”

The Age Caused No Complications

The most impressive part of the story was that the baby’s delivery was without complications and he was born completely healthy despite Dalijinder’s age. The mother was herself healthy enough to not only deliver the baby naturally but also go on to breastfeed her son for three months.

While some are opposed to the couple having a baby at their age, who are we to oppose nature? If her body had the capacity for such a healthy life, then who are we to deny another’s human existence and birth into the loving arms of his parents? Just because we age, doesn’t mean that we lose our ability to love, desire, long for others and take care of others.

The Story Has Caught The Attention Of The World

It has been some time since the birth of the baby and yet media all over the world is still fascinated by the family’s decision to have a child at such an age. The media is always kicking on the family’s door for updates and to see how they’re truly coping with caring for a baby without tiring themselves out.

“Arman is like a celebrity. He has called the media to our house like that political party in Delhi,” explains the mother. You can see for yourself how happy the family is around now that they’re united with the son they’ve always wished for in the video above.

Every Day Counts

Although the parents acknowledge their older age and worry about life expectancy they still look forward to raising their son. They won’t however try to have more children. This was their dream and they have achieved it showing that with patience, and motivation even the seemingly impossible is within reach.

The dad adds: “who knows about the future. Only time will tell what the future holds for our son. We plan to give him the best of everything as he grows up.”

What Is Meant For You Isn’t On A Timeline

If this story should show you anything is that everything that you desire and that is meant for you will simply find you. It’s ever too late, and you never know when it will come. We’re not on a fixed timeline. Everything is always changing and in a constant state of flow.

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