There are good neighbors — and then there are Tisha and Kevin.

One day, the couple got a knock on their door. It was their neighbor Audrey.

Audrey was a single mother of three. She was feeling a bit sluggish, so she decided to go to see a doctor. And when he asked her to go to the hospital to have extensive tests done, she realized she’d need someone to look after her kids.

The only problem… She didn’t have anyone to turn to.

Still, Audrey was desperate, so even though she didn’t really know her neighbors, she knocked on their door.

Audrey asked Tisha and Kevin, who had five children of her own, if they could watch her three kids for the night. And even though they already had a full house, the kindhearted couple agreed.

After an anxious wait for her results, Audrey received a call from her doctor.

Unfortunately, the news wasn’t good. Her diagnosis: stomach cancer, and unfortunately, it was terminal.

Audrey realized she didn’t have much time left. But before she left, she wanted to make sure her kids would be OK.

Although she and Tisha weren’t particularly close, she asked Tisha and Kevin if they would be willing to raise her children. And once again, Tisha and her husband, Kevin, said yes.

Audrey soon lost her battle to the cancer, but at least she knew that her children would be in good hands with her kind neighbors.

Then, a TV crew found out about Tisha and Kevin. They learned about how the couple had selflessly taken in Audrey’s kids and they wanted to do something for them.

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