Michael Landon is a true Hollywood legend, having starred in Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie, amongst other cult hits. Though he rose to fame quickly, his legacy will always be remembered.

A successful, if not topsy-turvy life filled with action and memorable appearances in front of the camera, means Landon will never be forgotten. But, of course, the Hollywood star was far more than simply a face to be filmed or an on-screen persona.

Landon’s back-story is every bit as interesting as any one of his characters, while his intriguing private life isn’t nearly so dissected as it would probably have been were he alive and at the height of his fame today.

For example, did you know that Michael Landon had no fewer than nine children across three different marriages? And did you know that it was while acting in his capacity as a parent that he endured perhaps his most arduous challenge?Well, all you Landon fans are in luck. Here’s all you need to know about one of the biggest stars of the last century!

Michael Landon was working as a gas station attendant in Los Angeles when his life changed forever. Talent agent Bob Raison picked him up, and before long, the boy born Eugene Orowitz had turned into Michael Landon. It was a name that people thought would better be suited for show business.

Today, well, every person who’s ever watched the classic shows on television knows exactly who he is.

Landon starred in several television series in the mid-1950s before getting his big breakthrough role. He was eventually cast as Little Jose Cartwright on the iconic western television show Bonanza, spending a total of 14 years in the spotlight before the show was canceled in 1973.

In 1956, he landed his first official role in an episode on the TV series Telephone Time. He also starred as Tom Dooley in the western The Legend of Tom Dooley, which ultimately led to the role of a lifetime, starring as Little Jose Cartwright on the iconic western show Bonanza.

Fortunately, Michael didn’t have to wait long for another huge gig. Next up was Little House on the Prairie, in which he starred as Charles Ingalls. The show was a massive success, with both Landon and the show itself being praised by both critics and the television audience. Many of his costars had their breakthrough roles on the show.

Little House on the Prairie became the second-longest role Landon had, and in 1979, he won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a television drama series. Little House also won several awards, including four Emmys and 16 additional nominations.

Yet for one so famous and so overwhelmingly popular, it seems as though he managed to keep a relatively low profile when it came to his private life – at last compared to today’s hectic standards.


I don’t know about you, but I miss Michael Landon – they sure don’t make them like him anymore.

Were you a fan of Michael Landon’s over the years? Do you remember him as a family man who put smiles on people’s faces? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box.

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