Kayallah Jones applied for a waitressing position at The Spot, a restaurant in Georgia, Atlanta. She had been homeless for two years, and the previous year’s pandemic didn’t help matters.Jones walked in for her interview on September of 2020. The restaurant’s manager, Dakara Spence, carried out the interview and was really impressed with Kavallah.

“She had like a great energy, I felt it when she walked in, she seemed really positive,” Spence said.Now like most establishments, there was a camera outside the place, so when Jones walked out knowing she passed the interview, she gave a little celebratory dance thinking there was no one around.

No one except the security camera.
“I was excited. When I got outside, I didn’t know that the cameras caught me,” she told CBS46.

Dakara eventually confirmed the news to her, offering Kavallha the position.

“I called her phone and I said ‘I’m going to hire you and I seen your happy dance, so you can continue dancing’ and she was just screaming through the phone. It was a beautiful moment for me,” the restaurant manager recalled.

Jones’ adorable celebratory dance is also on TikTok.

“I hired this young girl today and this was her response,” she captioned the post.

It’s a feeling viewers know all too well!

Jones, like many others who felt the crunch of the worldwide pandemic, was ecstatic when she got the job. It hasn’t been easy to find employment with many businesses closing the past year.

“Ms. Dakara didn’t know but I was going through so much, and at that point, when she gave me this chance and this opportunity, I was elated, excited and so overwhelmed to the point where no one understood how happy and accomplished I felt at that moment,” Jones said.

A woman from Nashville named LaShenda Williams shares a similar story.
Life dealt her with many challenges caused the 46-year-old live in her car for two years after losing her home.

Williams felt like giving up as is common when weighed down with life’s worries. But she kept her chin up, knowing that the right opportunity would come. She stayed strong.

That chance encounter came when Williams met Jackie Vandal, a hiring manager at the place she would park her car every night.

Vandal posted a job opening, and Williams went up with all sincerity and asked if they had room for her.

“You get a feel if someone’s sincere or if they’re just trying to get a job to say they got one and then quit a month later,” she said. “She was very sincere.”

Williams was one of the first to show up on the day of the job fair. Vandal informed her that she needed to submit an online application so Williams got her laptop, then asked Vandal if she could plug in to the store so she could submit the requirements.

Vandal helped Williams with her application and when the “successfully applied” notification appeared on the screen, Vandal immediately hired her!

Williams saved enough money for a one bedroom apartment. The community also went out of their way to help her by donating furniture, clothes, and household items. She did all this in a year!

Jones and Williams are proof that staying strong and positive helps no matter how difficult things become.

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