Astrid Wett is back at it again with her viral antics. But this time, she’s dragging KSI into the mix.

In the clip shared online, the TikTok star headed into the face-off on 14 October for her fight with YouTuber Keeley with brazen confidence, ready to prove her opponent wrong about having a ‘boyfriend’.

To this, the die-hard Chelsea fan leaned in ready to plant a huge smacker on the YouTuber-come-rapper – but I don’t think she was ready for his reaction, poor lass.

In a stunning comeback moment, the OnlyFans star took the rejection on the chin and laughed it off before KSI issued her an apology.

Following the moment I don’t think anyone in the audience was expecting, the announcer asked the YouTuber, born Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, “KSI, your thoughts on that?”

He laughed in response before adding: “That’s my thoughts… Laugh.”

“I can’t believe you turned her down,” the announcer then added. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” KSI swiftly said to Astrid before causing any more offence to the already red-faced competitor.

Others also felt bad for Astrid, having taken to the comments section beneath the video to air their thoughts.

“The second-hand embarrassment,” wrote one person, while another commenter asked: “Bro what is wrong with him?”

The upcoming bout between Astrid and Keeley, which is set to kick off on 15 October at 7.00pm, is part of a card which will see Jay Swingler facing Cherdleys in the headline bout.

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