There are so many NDE (Near Death Experience) stories nowadays, that it’s hard to deny the evidence. Whether you believe in afterlife or not, this story will make you think what happens to the soul after we die.

Valerie Paters was in a terrible car accident with a semi-truck. Her car literally went under the heavy vehicle and she had severe injuries. When first responders arrived at the accident, they didn’t believe Valerie would make it…

When she arrived at the hospital, the chances of her survival were small. They didn’t have hopes that she would make it through another day. Sometime later, she didn’t show any brain activity.

Image source: 700 Club Interactive/YouTube
While the doctors did everything to keep her alive, the members of the church she attended, along with her family, united to pray for poor Valerie.

Cheryl, Valerie’s sister, never lost hope. She turned to God, hoping that her sister would make it through. Cheryl claimed Psalm 118:17 in the Scripture for her sister, where it quotes, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.” She had no idea the prayers would do miracle…

Most NDE experiences describe a bright light. So did Valerie. When they were waiting for her to recover she claims that she went to Heaven and Jesus himself welcomed her with a smile. 

Image source: 700 Club Interactive/YouTube
“I felt all this emotion that he had for me,” she recalled. “I felt like I was finally home… like I stepped into, finally, I belong.”

“He just wants me,” she said of Jesus. “It wasn’t anything that I did for Him. It wasn’t my performance. Nothing. It was just me, I wasn’t just loved by Him. But He was in love with me.”

The media outlets were very eager to hear her story and they called her for an interview where she explained her experience in detail.

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