Los Angeles-based Quenlin Blackwell is faced with backlash after she posted a video of herself crying into the camera, claiming she mistakenly bought a $100K couch after entering her credit card into an online auction platform as a joke. Next, the TikTok star issued an emotional plea to her followers to send her donations to help cover the cost of the couch, which she insisted she couldn’t pay for.

In between tears, the influencer also asked if anyone could borrow her money to cover the cost of the furniture.

“I almost crashed my car when I saw; if you have a million dollars could you please donate? If you have a billion dollars can you let me borrow some, please?” Quenlin said in the video, which has since racked up 6.8million views. In a follow-up TikTok clip, she told her almost 8million followers she’s going to start an OnlyFans account, although she added she didn’t like the idea of doing a job.

Quenlin sobbed as she said: “I don’t want to, but I’m going to have to, adding that she needed money for dental work and to replace one of the side mirrors on her car.

She continued: “I don’t want to do a job. I’m about to throw up because I know they didn’t refund me.” While Quenlin claims she doesn’t want to work, she makes her earnings by modeling for large companies, including Free People and SKIMs. She also boasts 950K subscribers on her YouTube channel, from which she earns her funds. WebFX reported that YouTubers make $20K per video with one million subscribers.


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While Quenlin seemed distraught over the purchase, most of her views didn’t buy it and didn’t sympathize with her predicament.

Many users have requested to see the six-figure couch, with the influencer skirting around the question, fueling speculation she’s making up the story.

Some pointed out that she could attempt to fool her followers to gain money, attention, and sympathy. Others suggested she’s been taking acting classes and another added she’s getting an Oscar for her performance. However, Quenlin, who often posts lifestyle vlogs, attends high-profile events such as Revolve festivals and goes to parties with other A-list celebs, who she claims are her best friends.

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