Henry Robert Witherspoon, the father of comedian and actor Kevin Hurt, passed away. The comedian posted a heartfelt homage to his father on social media, calling him “one of the realest & rawest to ever do it.” After burying his mother 15 years prior, comedian Kevin Hart has now lost his father.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on January 17, 1947, saw the birth of Henry Robert Witherspoon. Nancy Hart, the late mother of Kevin Hart, and Witherspoon wed in the late 1960s. The couple welcomed Robert Hart as their first child in 1971. After eight years, Kevin Hart was born.

Witherspoon struggled with addiction and spent time in and out of jail for the majority of Kevin’s upbringing. Kevin’s Witherspoon left their family at the age of eight. Kevin and his brother Robert were able to forgive Witherspoon despite his absence,

and they even helped him buy a house after he finished rehab. The relationship between Kevin and his father grew stronger over time. The comedian’s children had a highly involved grandfather in Witherspoon. In 2017, Kevin Hart spoke out about reconciling with his father.

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the comedian made an appearance to provide an update on their relationship. There are always options available to you. I don’t have time to be upset, which is my problem. You are aware of the duration of an attitude and a grudge? The comic said,

“That’s time and energy. Kevin Hart gives all the credit to his father. The comedian uploaded numerous photos of himself, his father, his wife, and their children over the years on his Instagram account, where he also posted the news of his father’s passing. In 2007,

Kevin Hart’s mother passed away. She was still married to the comedian’s father at the time of her death, but they were no longer together. During an Oprah’s Master Class show, Kevin Hart talked about losing his mother. After his mother passed away, Kevin started channeling the effort he had put into

developing his bond with her onto his relationships with his father and brother, giving their last name meaning. The cause of Henry Robert Witherspoon’s demise is unknown. Please offer prayers for Kevin Hart and his loved ones.

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