The technology is developing rapidly, and that’s a fact we have to face with. But things like life-like objects that replace human love appear to be something that people still find strange to accept.

A bodybuilder fell in love with a doll

There is a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, Yuri Tolochko, who fell in love with a doll. He explains that he saw her in a bar, while she was sitting in other man’s hands.

He states that he felt the connection instantly and succeeded in rescuing her from that man. After that, he got into a relationship with her. But people’s negative comments after he posted pictures of their love story on his Instagram profile are proof that this kind of relationship is found weird.

The couple’s love story on social media

Anyways, he says that people should never judge love, no matter what. He looks like he enjoys spending time with his beloved Margo. He posts pictures of them going on a vacation, spending some quality time together, going on dates, hanging out with friends, etc. He doesn’t feel like she’s a doll.

According to him, she’s a real girl, who has a favorite meal, a soul and is able to argue, as any other human being. This bodybuilder defines himself as parasexual. It means that he can fall in love with a soul, an image, a character or a person.

The couple’s wedding

Despite all the negative comments, regarding his relationship with his beloved Margo, he was happy to announce some details about their wedding. Their wedding, which is completely legitimate in his country, was originally planned to happen in March this year. Anyways, due to COVID-19 pandemic, he was made to postpone the wedding.

After a while, he got into a fight and had his nose broken. While he was recovering from the injury, he enjoyed the company of his soul mate.

However, the wedding finally took place in November. There are some pictures and videos which capture him, putting the ring on his Margo’s hand. There are some people at the ceremony who are there to celebrate this couple’s love story.

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