Jack Nicholson, an American actor and filmmaker has had a long and lucrative career spanning more than 50 years. However, the celebrity hasn’t been seen much recently, and there are whispers that the star’s health is failing.

As the most nominated male actor in Academy Award history, the actor has been and will continue to be hailed as one of Hollywood’s greatest. However, now that he is 84 years old, the celebrity has withdrawn from the spotlight, and there are whispers that he is in poor condition. A source close to the actor allegedly told Radar that he is passing out at his Los Angeles house in his “sad final days.”

A close friend told Radar that Jack “never longer leaves his house,” with his son and daughter taking up caring tasks, despite no formal confirmation from the celebrity or his representatives.

According to the insider, the Mulholland Drive area was fairly close-knit, and everyone was worried about him.

He is physically fit, but his head is fogged. It breaks my heart to see an actor of Jack’s caliber finish his career in this manner.

Closer Weekly also received comments from the celebrity’s friend after he made a rare comment in the aftermath of basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s terrible death.

Following the horrible helicopter crash that killed Kobe and eight other people, Jack said, “I was used to seeing and talking to Kobe… It kills you.

“We’ll miss him and think about him all the time.”

According to a source, the celebrity is “making up for lost time” with his family and children after living his life to the utmost.

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