Our children should be properly introduced to the world in which they live.” ~ Thomas Berry
We love our children so much that, if we could, we would give them the world.

ife can be challenging, and sometimes, we face situations where we could not afford some things or where we should put our necessities first.

In these trying times, a child who knows the value of money and how to earn extra for what they want, or need, is also helpful.

Selling pre-loved stuff, and selling cookies or lemonade are just some of the most common ways for our kids to earn a little extra.

According to the Facebook post by Wendelyn Narvaez, her grandson, who is in grade school, started a lemonade stand. Aside from the thirst-quenching drink, he also offered cookies and brownies.

As the little boy was selling his refreshing drink, a police officer approached him.
Landen, Narvaez’s grandson, was confused as the officer introduced himself.


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