One mother was horrified to see Elvis’ visage in her McDonald’s ketchup container.

Yes, Lisa Ringsell claims that when eatting her chicken nugget on Sunday, October 2, she saw the king in her condiments.

Lisa, who is 27, was at McDonald’s with her boyfriend, Dean, who is 26, when she discovered Elvis’ face.

The two had ordered 20 chicken nuggets, two double cheeseburgers, and two mayo chickens; all of their food was served with ketchup, of course.

Lisa recalled:

“I was just dipping my chicken nuggets into the sauce pot, and at the end, I saw a tiny face staring at me who appeared to be Elvis.”

“I looked in the pot debating if there was enough sauce to dip again, and [that’s when] I saw him.”

“As soon as I saw him, I immediately said ‘what?’ and showed my partner.”

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