When 10-year-old Camryn headed into the school hallway, she had no clue her life was about to change forever.Gifts are one of the best things about life. Not just getting them, either, but giving them! Giving someone a gift is arguably as great as getting one, and UNarguably way more fulfilling. In some situations, however, a material gift is nice, but not as good as something more heartfelt and emotional. For one dad last year, giving a gift to his daughter wasn’t just fulfilling, it was the best day of both of their lives.

It wasn’t just the two of them, however! They already had families of their own and together, they parented four kids as a couple. When Myke met Camryn, Sarah’s daughter, the two instantly connected. In his words, they were immediately “as thick as thieves”!

Within two years, Camryn was using Myke’s last name, despite not being biologically related to him or being officially adopted by him. Clearly, she loved Myke.

Over time, she started asking if she could change her name to Rousell so she should share the last name of the man in her life that she loved the most. In most areas of her life, Camryn was using Myke’s last name already. In one place, however, she simply wasn’t allowed to.

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