Most people do not live to the centennial of their birth but of course, there are some lucky ones that do. And from those who do make it, not everyone is fully able to participate in their own celebration.

But this 101-year-old not only had a great time on her birthday but also manages to live every day to the fullest in the most inspirational way!

Helen Beebe is a vital part of her community in Howard City, Michigan. She was born in 1921 and resides in the city as an active member of the community.

She is an active member of the community center in the city and is beloved by everyone who visits and works at the center. In honor of her milestone 101 birthday, the center threw a potluck birthday party for her that she greatly enjoyed.

As for what her secret it for keeping her brain and body sharp all these years; she says the secret is in her schedule of keeping busy. She truly believes that if a person has things to do and keeps moving, they will stay sharp both mentally and physically.

She said the habit of moving and keeping active is one that was instilled into her and her siblings by their parents who always kept their children occupied and busy in something or the other. She said, “My folks took us here and there and kept us doing things… that’s what I say is living.’

Another thing Helen Beebe loves is dancing. Her favorite genre of dancing is the polka but her advanced age bars her from partaking in it herself. She, however, still dances to slow songs.

It is always inspiring to not only know about people who live such long lives but also manage to live them to the fullest even at such advanced ages.

Helen Beebe and her zest for life is truly a great example for us. We are Newsner wish Helen a very happy birthday.

Join us in wishing Helen Beebe a happy birthday and share this with your friends and family so they can join in on the celebration too!

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