Jennifer Duncan lost control of her vehicle and plummeted nine meters. Everything began on a morning that appeared to be just like all the others. Jennifer (age 23) was driving her 8-month-old baby to the day care when her car collided with another vehicle as it was crossing a bridge.

Due to this, both drivers waited for the police on the side of the road after the collision. They believed they were safe there, but they had no idea how badly they may have been mistaken.

A third driver was traveling across the bridge when suddenly and out of nowhere, they lost control of the steering wheel and crashed into the car parked just in front of them, sending them flying over the railing of the bridge.

Jennifer’s sole concern as they plum meted to the concrete beneath the bridge was to safeguard her baby, so she automatically wrapped herself around the baby and transformed into a human shield of defense.

Her rapid thinking paid off. In addition to living, her son didn’t even suffer any inj uries! Jennifer, though, has made a significant sacrifice, and her life will never be the same. She was taken to the hospital right away with several inju

The woman suffered 14 surgeries, lost a leg and spent several months in the hospital getting well during the following time. She recalls these horrific events as follows:

ries, including a damaged pelvis, nine broken hind bones, lower limb and rib frac tures.

“My major worry was to keep him safe and ensure he would be okay. It only took me a second to grasp what was happening, and when I saw that I was beginning to fall, I attempted to hold to him as tightly as I could.”

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