Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods of life. When a woman is pregnant, she looks forward to holding her children. But an event saddened Kerrie who was expecting to meet her twins. Jo was very happy, but the doctors informed her that something was wrong. Kerrie will face a difficult situation.

One of the twins was born with hydrocephalus and this could cause death. This deadly situation could take the little one from his mother. Nena was horrified by this news. She was not ready to lose any of her children.
The doctors told him to get ready. Her baby could not survive because this disease is deadly. But the mother could not bear the loss of her baby. She wanted to raise both of them. For this reason, he asked the nurses to place both babies in the same incubator.

At this moment, a miracle happened that no one thought was possible. The boy managed to survive and was cured of the serious illness.
The mother and her two babies left the hospital. However, the baby is not completely cured. But his life is beautiful and normal with his family.

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