The event took place in a large city in America. A lady was caught robbing from the shelves of a store and the footage went viral. Economic reasons have pushed people of different ages to steal food or other items from stores. The woman was arrested and police officers were sent to the scene.

Of course, she wouldn’t do something like that, she wouldn’t have money to afford food. She had stolen some food worth 36 dollars and after the officers arrived at the scene, she returned the food. The woman stated that she was sorry and asked for forgiveness for what she had done.
She had three children and had no food to give them and no money to pay for the food. After the officers asked her why she was not working, she explained that she had suffered a serious head injury. Her children were hungry and had not eaten anything.

Many people can say this, that’s why the authorities went to her house to look at the situation. But the situation they saw was real.

The woman was telling the truth and there was nothing more in her refrigerator than a piece of cheese. However, her action could not be justified, therefore they were forced to file a criminal complaint for theft.
But officers and authorities found a solution that touched the hearts of all people. They bought him a big cart with food. This supply would be enough for her for a while and she thanked the people who helped her with all her heart.

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